Q. How does the Enzyme Spa work - how is it heated?

A. Yes.

  • The Enzyme Spa is a self-cleansing medium which breaks down toxins.
  • Careful maintenance of the spa is carried out every day and the sawdust is changed weekly in order to ensure cleanliness, quality and a consistent temperature.
  • The high temperature, the biochemistry of the fermentation process and the low pH level of the wood fibres work together to create a hygienic environment.
  • A coating of material (sawdust) that sticks to your body while you are in the tub absorbs perspiration.
  • After you come out of the bath, your therapist will assist you to brush off the sawdust from your body outside the tub.

Q. What should I wear in the spa?

A. Your therapist will provide you with disposable underwear.

Q. Will there be other people in the spa with me?

A. No, the spa is private and can accommodate 1-2 people.

Q. Will I feel claustrophobic in the spa?

A. The experience is designed to relax you, you’ll feel gently supported by the pinewood and warmed from within, not confined. The fibres in the spa are lightweight allowing you to easily move your arms and legs to reposition yourself during the treatment. While many guests prefer to be immersed in the spa up to their chins, we will gladly work with you to find your comfort level and can adjust the spa fibres once you’re in.

Q. Who should not use the Enzyme Spa?

A. Those who:

  • Have high blood pressure (over 200 mmHg)
  • Suffer from cardiovascular disease
  • Are pregnant
  • Have recently had surgery
  • Have open wounds
  • Have recently consumed high levels of alcohol